Sunday, August 25, 2013

Naturalizer Shoes

I apologize for my leave of absence. 
I am back to work after maternity leave
It's taken a while to get back into things

Here we have a request from Makayla
My favorite shoes on my mission were Naturalizers
They are having a great sale too
 click on the price below the shoe to go to the site
Some missionaries are in more formal settings
doesn't hurt to have a comfy heeled pair for special occasions
SALE 29.99
A little subtle animal print
Also comes in solid colors
Such a great price!
SALE 59.99
these are so nice to having in humid, hot places
Also comes in some fun colors

SALE 39.99

Gotta love your basic black shoes
These have good coverage with a fun accent
also come in some fun colors

Monday, August 5, 2013


One thing I am so grateful I brought on my mission was a small wallet
All you really will carry is your mission credit card (I only carried mine on P day)
Some cash, very little when you are out and about
and some change
Then in my mission we carried a very small ID card if we were American
This wallet is not only cute but has a clip
I usually clipped it into my bag or to my person (bra) when we were in sketchy areas
Also great for clipping your keys to
Going to a wet area?
No one likes wet cash
This is a great option for keeping everything dry

Here is another option for a small wallet with a clip

Small and can be hidden easily
Great for carrying cards and cash

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Gap is every changing it's style 
So it may take a couple trips to find what you are looking for
Their website usually has sales and you can always buy online and return to your closest store
Don't forget to head to your local outlet mall to scour gap outlet
Colorful scarfs add interest to any outfit
they can be worn in all seasons
they go with anything from a short sleeved shirt to layered under a coat for winter
Every sister should have a light weight v neck
I served in El Salvador and I brought one light weight sweater that I wore at night in the rainy season
They can be used as a stand along piece with a necklace or scarf
THey are also great for layering with a blouse or under a blazer

Gap has so many printed button ups
Also great as stand along pieces or layered under sweaters/blazers

They also have a few longer skirts
I like that their maxi skirts do not brush the floor but you can fold them in a way to hit mid calf

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Banana Republic

I really love Banana Republic
You can find some classic pieces but need to be willing to pay a higher price
Love funky jewelry?
A pendant chain with a fun piece is a good way to go!
I love this cardigan
It is the right length, comes in many colors and the detail of the different color on the sleeve is so cute
Also- this picture goes to show you can mix patterns and still look pulled together

Great detail of the clasps on the neckline

Who can pass up polka dots
Banana Republic has a fantastic line of no iron shirts in many different colors and patterns

Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have had a few people email me about this

So to find out where to buy the things I post
Click on the price below the picture! 
It will take you to the website!

Email me with any requests

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shoulder Bags

I have had a few requests for shoulder bags for the sisters
based off of the LDS site guidelines
it looks like you could have some fun!


I am aware the first two are diaper bags
I went to an area where is rained A LOT and we had to use a mission bag (since it was dangerous) that was not water proof. We had to put our things in plastic bags then put those inside the approved mission bag. It would have been SO nice to have a bag that I didn't have to worry about my scriptures getting wet. A plus as well is they come with changing pads, which are also water proof. Have you ever gone into a home and asked to sit on a sick, dirty wet couch? Well I did, a waterproof changing pad would have been AWESOME at that point

The ones below are great for everyday use
and so cute!!!




Sunday, July 14, 2013


I had a recent request for a post on watches
In the mission your days are planned every half hour (if not every 15 minutes)
a watch will come in handy
And it is a  great way to add character without being over the top
I love this watch- I am even thinking of buying it as I type this!
The strap comes in multiple colors
With $5 shipping this watch comes in at a great price

Love sparkles but having a hard time incorporating them into your mission wardrobe?
This is a fantastic was to add that little bit of sparkle.
Fossil is a trusted brand
Another great way to add color

This solar powered watch doesn't require batteries


Cute color and stylish design

Love this triples strap idea

Thanks for sending in your request Abigal!

Any more? Send them my way